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Living Alone Can Affect Heart Health Unless You…

In Genesis 2:18, we are told that God said it is not good for man to be alone, so he made woman from the man’s side. A good friend of

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Eating Disorder Charity Slams Amazon Over ‘Anorexia Hoodies’

  One hoodie describes anoriexia as ‘like bulimia, except with self control’ Shopping website Amazon has come under fire for selling offensive hoodies which appear to promote anorexia. According to

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Want To Boost Your Mental Health?

In cities all over the world the importance of green spaces are being recognized and taken advantage of. The advantages of parks are many, and include better social connections, more

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Debt, Health and Mortality

If you listen to most of the reports on the news and from the government, you will see that many believe the nation’s economy is improving over what it was

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Estrogen Fluctuations Linked to Some Memory Issues & Mental Disorders

Generalizations are always dangerous to make, but allow me some latitude in making this one: Many women tend to be

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