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Why Medicare Does Not Cover Pneumococcal Vaccine

For the past couple of years, numerous television commercials have strongly pushed everyone 65-years of age and older to get a pneumococcal vaccine. One commercial depicts an older woman who

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Mounting Pressure Could Result in Changes to Medicare Part D

If you believe that drug manufacturers sell directly to pharmacies and the price we pay for the prescription drugs depends upon what the manufacturer charges the pharmacy company, then you

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Medicare Nightmare for Seniors

Millions of Americans are facing a Medicare nightmare with little chance of waking up and finding it wasn’t real. Most Americans reaching the age of 65, have worked their entire

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Do You Believe Medicare Will Pay Your Benefits When You Reach 65?

For the past 20-years or more, there has been a lot of discussion about the future of Social Security and Medicare. Original estimates predicted the systems would be broke by

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