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Study Reveals Senate Republicans Need a Nap to Fix Healthcare

Republicans in both the House and Senate have had 7-years to create their replacement for Obamacare. From the moment, the Affordable Care Act was passed and forced upon the American

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CBO Report on GOPcare Nothing but Liberal Propaganda

Once Senate Republicans unveiled their Obamacare replacement plan, they have come under a great deal of criticism. It didn’t help when the Congressional Budget Office came out with their appraisal

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Will Your Healthcare Insurance Cover Surgical Mistakes?

Currently, everyone is wondering what’s going to happen to their healthcare coverage. If you have employer provided coverage, then you are in a great situation. If you don’t have employer

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Replacing One Socialist Healthcare Program with Another Is Not the Solution

When Bill Clinton was President, First Lady Hillary tried to push for a nationalized healthcare system. She pointed to the national healthcare programs in Canada and the Great Britain but

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California’s Senate Passes Financial Disaster Single-Payer Healthcare Bill

Any form of government sponsored or mandated healthcare system is socialism and a financial disaster. Obamacare was America’s first real

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