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Diabetes and Age

I was turning 50 when I was first told that I was pre-diabetic and that if I lost weight and watched my diet, I stood a fair chance of not

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Age Related Back Pain

When I was much younger, I often heard others say that growing old is hard and it hurts. I never thought much about what they said until I began getting

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Chewing Gum and Pounding Your Mitt Makes You Feel like a Kid Again

After decades of absence from a baseball diamond, I was a man in his 60s playing softball against other seniors — many in their 70s and 80s — and I

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Aging’s Most Embarrassing Condition

As everyone ages, many of us experience aging’s most embarrassing condition to some degree. In some, the condition is only occasional and not that embarrassing, but for others, it is

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Keep Your Body Young With A Low Calorie Diet

Scientists studying how aging affects the biological clock’s control of metabolism have discovered that a low-calorie diet helps keep these

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What’s the Number 1 Health Condition of Older People?

That may seem like an odd question, but the answers one gets may help explain some general misinformation. The number

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