More Screen Time Has Deadly Consequences

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More Screen Time Has Deadly Consequences

December 13
15:02 2017

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Suicide is a topic that few people are willing to talk about, especially parents with their kids. Most parents will tell you that there is no way any of their kids would ever think of suicide and many of them are so very wrong.

I planned my own suicide when I was 19. I’ve always been a big supporter of gun rights, so I was not going to use a gun. In fact, I was going to crash my car at a high rate of speed and hoped it was enough to kill me and look like an accident.

No one had any clue I felt that way or what I was planning on. My parents had no idea. My brothers and sister had no idea and neither did any of my friends. I never told anyone ore even hinted to anyone of what I was going to do. I went about life and work like always. If anything, I was happier than normal because I knew it would all be over soon.

Why am I still here? God intervened through a series of very unusual circumstances and brought a special person in my life. I’ve been happily married to that special person for almost 46 ½ years. I didn’t ever tell her of my near suicide until several years after we were married and she was the only person I told.

But why are so many younger adults and teens attempting to commit suicide or succeeding in killing themselves. In the vast majority of cases, the parents had no idea why, nor did they see any signs. So many experts say there are always signs and indications to look for and after my own experience, I strongly disagree with them in all cases.

However, the increase in teen and young adult suicide today is often preceded by bouts of depression, which is at an epidemic level in some parts of the nation. Parents, family and friends can usually see the signs of depression and should take appropriate action when they do.

But again, why is there such an increase in suicide?

Earlier posts have reported that some studies indicate that with the rise of technology and social media, there is less personal interaction between young adults and teens and this lack of socialization can easily lead to depression and suicide.

A recent study takes this finding to another level by actually linking the time they spend in front of their computer, tablet or phone screen, to the likelihood of becoming depressed and attempting suicide:

“Florida State University Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor Thomas Joiner, who co-authored a study published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, said screen time should be considered a modern-day risk factor for depression and suicide.”

“‘There is a concerning relationship between excessive screen time and risk for death by suicide, depression, suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts,’ said Joiner, who conducted the research with psychology Professor Jean Twenge of San Diego State University. ‘All of those mental health issues are very serious. I think it’s something parents should ponder’.”

Fifteen years ago, teens and young adults spent more time interacting with each in person and the rates of depression and suicide were not nearly as high as they are today.

The key to help avoid this deadly trend is to limit screen time for yourself and kids. Encourage more face-to-face interaction with others. God created man as a social being and the more screen time means less real social time.

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