Diet Helps Improve Sex Life

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Diet Helps Improve Sex Life

December 11
17:45 2017

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There is an age-old myth about how the older a person gets the less their desire for sex becomes. Okay, it might be partially true due to certain conditions, but on the face of the issue, it’s not true at all.

Many women do experience a decrease in sexual desires after menopause and after having a hysterectomy and that’s usually due to a change in hormone levels in body, but that’s not necessarily true for all women. A number of women turn to hormone treatments, both natural and artificial hormones to help with other factors and being on those hormones can often increase a woman’s sexual desires or return them to what they were before menopause or the hysterectomy.

A quick search on the internet will reveal that many older women are still very much sexually active with strong desires, debunking the myth.

With men, it’s a different story. As long as we have testosterone coursing through our bodies, our sexual desires are as strong as ever. However, many men find it more difficult to perform in sexual situations, suffering from a condition collectively referred to ED (erectile dysfunction). Sometimes this is caused by high blood pressure, sometimes by medications including those for high blood pressure, sometimes it is due to prostate issues, diet and stress. The stresses of work, finances, relationships, etc. can have the same effect as the proverbial cold shower on a man.

However, even if they can’t perform, most men still have the desires, lusts and passions.

If your sex life is suffering as you get older, there may be ways you can help without turning to medications like the ‘little blue pill’. The solution that should help is simple and yet not that easy. It’s reducing calories and watching one’s diet.

Researchers at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana conducted a study to determine the effects of reducing calories. They weren’t specifically looking at the effects on sex lives, but on overall health changes, positive and negative.

According to their report in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA):

“Objective To test the effect of CR on mood, quality of life (QOL), sleep, and sexual function in healthy nonobese adults.”

They asked 218 people considered to be at a normal healthy weight, to reduce their total calorie intake by 25% for two years.

One of the expected results was a decrease in body weight which averaged about 10% of starting body weight, over the two-year period. The people in the study also reported better sleep and dramatically improved mental wellbeing after just the first 12-months of the study.

Corby Martin, one of the authors of the study, reported:

“What people report is that after they ‘get over the hump’ and start to lose weight, their hunger levels subside a bit and they start to feel the benefits of the weight loss.”

“They find it easier to move around, their joints hurt less, they feel better.”

The people in the study group also reported that they enjoyed sex a lot more after the study when compared to before the study.

This can be due to the fact that when someone reduces overall calories and loses weight that it also helps prevent high blood pressure which does play an important role in male sexual performance. However, it needs to be noted that the study was comprised of men and women who all reported an increase in their sex lives.

So, if you feel your sex life isn’t what you expect, try cutting back on calories and see if that will help. If nothing else, it will help you mentally and well as physically and keep you healthier longer.

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