Sanders Medicare For All Plan Will Bankrupt Americans and Nation

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Sanders Medicare For All Plan Will Bankrupt Americans and Nation

October 02
15:50 2017

Over the years, Sen. Bernie Sanders has switched political parties 3 times, but his current Medicare For All plan has not changed for at least 30-years. What Sanders in offering now is the same socialist plan he was offering three decades ago.When Sanders introduced his Medicare For All bill into the Senate earlier this month, a number of the liberal mainstream media called it a ‘new’ plan, but when compared to what he was pushing many years ago, it’s not new. The only thing new is that America now has a national socialist healthcare program in place and Sanders’ bill stands a better chance of passing now than it did 30 years ago.

However, there is one difference, but not to the plan itself, but to Sanders’ view on his plan. Even though Sanders was pushing for a national single-payer healthcare plan years ago, he also saw the economic challenge of such a system. In the late 1980s, Sanders said that Canadian-style government-operated healthcare system would bankrupt the United States. Now he doesn’t say that. Actually, he doesn’t offer any way to pay for his entire plan.
So, what is Sanders’ terrific Medicare For All plan do?

Basically, it is a single-payer plan. Instead of any one company or companies providing healthcare coverage, the single-payer would be the federal government. With the federal governments disastrous record of running any kind of company including a government with out-of-control budget and debt, the thought of the federal government running the entire healthcare coverage system should alarm everyone.

Earlier this year, California pushed for a single-payer plan. It was estimated it would cost about $400 billion. They said half the money would come from savings from paying into private plans, but that still left a need for $200 billion. Since California’s annual budget is only $200 billion, to make a statewide single-payer plan work would require a minimum of doubling the annual budget.

Some experts in the field have expressed concern that a national single-payer plan would also require doubling to tripling our federal taxes in order to keep the system operational. Does that sound good to you?

Sanders’ Medicare For All plan would eliminate all deductibles, copays and premiums. Ask yourself how doctors and hospitals are supposed to get paid? Their pay, which would be greatly regulated by a government controlled system, would come from our tax dollars.

Sanders’ plan would also cover dental and vision, but again, who pays the doctors for their services? Who pays for eyeglasses, contacts, root canals, crowns, fillings, oral surgery and dentures? We do by paying more taxes.

Sanders’ plan proposes an initial 7.5% additional payroll tax on employers and an additional 4% increase in individual income tax. It also calls for an undetermined increase in taxes on corporations and the wealthier people in the nation. It would also eliminate employers from deducting insurance premiums, meaning they will pay more in taxes again.

Linda Blumberg, Senior Fellow in Health Police at the Urban Institute commented about Sanders’ plan, saying:

“The dollars they’re currently paying out of pocket would go down, but government costs would go up substantially. So, depending on the person’s income and the way the program is financed, which is not in this proposal yet, people’s taxes are likely to go up substantially.”

What happens when employers and corporations have to pay more in taxes? They hire fewer people, cut hours and benefits and raise the prices of their goods. Who is it who hires most of the people in the United States? Corporations and the wealthier people. The end result is fewer jobs with lower pay and fewer benefits. Couple that with employees paying substantially higher taxes and more for everything they buy and you end up with less spending, less need for manufacturing and another recession or worse.

Bernie Sanders’ health plan is nothing more than the ultimate socialist healthcare program and will lead to bankrupting the American people and the nation.

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